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R.I.P. Proof


I'm so sad! It wasn't even two years ago when he grabbed my hand and I helped him down from the crowd at the concert. I hate guns.

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I asked in kca but you ust have missed it but who was he?
(I could go to the link but....naaaaaah!)

Sorry for your loss Em-c (squared).

Did you get anything signed by him?
He was Eminems best mate, they were always together in public. He was best man at Em's wedding and in Em's band D12 =(

I cant beliiiiiiiiieve it! Its so sad and to think I only downloaded his album like a day before he died

R.I.P Proof <3<3
I know Luce, how ironic is that! Waaaaaa!

I have D12-World signed by them all and Em...and another touch of irony here, except Proof! *sobs*
I have, however, technically held hands with him (lol).