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I just spent an hour and a half reading back my flist so I figured I better do an entry! It won't be a NEW YORK entry though i'm afraid cause I really can't be botherd right now. I am going to force myself to write one now cause I'll forget about it otherwise! I have got some cool pics (well they're cool to me) but they're mostly scenery or of taxies or NY police cars! YAR! I'll just say I had an excellent time but the flights to and from almost killed me. DIE virgin airlines, DIE! The mere thought of the food makes me want to vomit a little in my mouth.

I'm back at work tomorrow. I needed days to sleeep! But I babysat tonight. My boss's were like ''ZOMG thank god you're back''. Whilst I was away the 3 year old swallowed 40 vitamin tablets and ended up in casulty *facepalm* I LOL'd

My Mums been a complete byatch since i've been back. She's only gone and upped my rent AGAIN! Well I said no so she said she was kicking me out so I said fine but she went on and on and on and on. I really want to punch her in the teeth. She gave in and said I can continue paying what i'm paying now if I buy ALL my own food so I said yeah. Lol i'll just buy basics and steal treats when she's not looking. HEHE. I really can't be botherd to go to Sainsbury's every week though! I've still lost out but I had to get her off my back.

My friend Karlie rang me up out of the blue today to ask if i've done a photo shoot in London. Um, obviously not. She said there is a picture in a shop window and she swears its me. She must be bloody convinced to ring me up, I haven't heard from her for ages. As far as I know it isn't me but maybe i've got a prettier twin? It actually reminds of the time I was in a Maths class and everyone was pointing out the window at a girl who looked EXACTLY like me. She was being shown around the school and we only saw her for a minute but literally the whole class was in shock. It's rather freaky that i've probably got a Doppleganger out there.

The best thing about going away is coming back and finding out Prison Break is back! yay. Not only that but I watched that ep yesterday and find out there's another ep today!! 'Citing. 1 ep left this season! I'm bracing myself for more deaths.
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