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Dopplegangland [Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 @ 10:25pm]
I just spent an hour and a half reading back my flist so I figured I better do an entry! It won't be a NEW YORK entry though i'm afraid cause I really can't be botherd right now. I am going to force myself to write one now cause I'll forget about it otherwise! I have got some cool pics (well they're cool to me) but they're mostly scenery or of taxies or NY police cars! YAR! I'll just say I had an excellent time but the flights to and from almost killed me. DIE virgin airlines, DIE! The mere thought of the food makes me want to vomit a little in my mouth.

I'm back at work tomorrow. I needed days to sleeep! But I babysat tonight. My boss's were like ''ZOMG thank god you're back''. Whilst I was away the 3 year old swallowed 40 vitamin tablets and ended up in casulty *facepalm* I LOL'd

My Mums been a complete byatch since i've been back. She's only gone and upped my rent AGAIN! Well I said no so she said she was kicking me out so I said fine but she went on and on and on and on. I really want to punch her in the teeth. She gave in and said I can continue paying what i'm paying now if I buy ALL my own food so I said yeah. Lol i'll just buy basics and steal treats when she's not looking. HEHE. I really can't be botherd to go to Sainsbury's every week though! I've still lost out but I had to get her off my back.

My friend Karlie rang me up out of the blue today to ask if i've done a photo shoot in London. Um, obviously not. She said there is a picture in a shop window and she swears its me. She must be bloody convinced to ring me up, I haven't heard from her for ages. As far as I know it isn't me but maybe i've got a prettier twin? It actually reminds of the time I was in a Maths class and everyone was pointing out the window at a girl who looked EXACTLY like me. She was being shown around the school and we only saw her for a minute but literally the whole class was in shock. It's rather freaky that i've probably got a Doppleganger out there.

The best thing about going away is coming back and finding out Prison Break is back! yay. Not only that but I watched that ep yesterday and find out there's another ep today!! 'Citing. 1 ep left this season! I'm bracing myself for more deaths.
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Festivities (and that) [Tuesday, December 26th, 2006 @ 8:56pm]
[Feeling : Happy but ready to relax!]

back from my Nans, yay! I don't think we'll be having Christmas there again lol. I realised it's never gonna be as fun as that time when I was 12 (the one of only two Christmas' i've had away from home, the other was with my mums friend who lived 2 doors down lol). I took my laptop because i thought I could connect to the wireless but the person who set it up used a code that my Grandad doesn't even know, Grr. Being the persistant annoyance I am, I couldn't just leave it, I had to mess around and fiddle with things I know nothing about!
When everyone went to bed (lol) on Christmas eve I was using my Grandads computer when something on his router caught my eye; the reset button! Why I pressed it I have no idea, I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn't help myself! It's one of those buttons where you have to use a pencil or something to press it, that should of warned me that I shouldn't be doing it!
Well not only did I break the wireless connection but I managed to get the internet on my laptop but it wouldn't work on my Grandads lol! I completly reset all the security shit he had going on! I was shitting myself because my Grandad runs an eBay business too and I know the first thing he'd do was check that and he'd go MENTAL if he couldn't get on! So I spent all night/early hours trying to 'fix' it. Finally, at five to FOUR IN THE MORNING, I 'fixed' it. The word fixed is very loosly used as I managed to get him connected to the internet but if he tried to use it wirelessly there is no hope! I've basically left it hoping he will never know, or that when he does he'll forget I was messing around with it and just think it's a computer fault. Oh shit.

My Dog also jumped into a closed door! My Nan has huge french sliding doors which are obviously see through, and my mum closed them so he just jumped as he would to jump over the step and went SMACK! Probably the funniest thing ever but he squeeled and he probably had concussion as he was up and down all night which is NOT like my dog, he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. Bless him but roflownd1!

So that was Christmas EVE. Christmas Morning I was woken by LOUD bells being rung in my ears! It was my Grandad dressed up as Santa with big Christmas bells shouting ''Hoe Hoe Hoe'' rofl. He threw a present on me too. Bless my Grandad for going to that ridiculous effort lol (made me feel even worse about breaking his computer, oh wellz). I got up and my Nan was making crumpets for everyone which took ages and I was like ''ZOMG PRESENTS!!''. After what felt like forever, we dove into the presents. I was very happy with my gifts, and my TICKLE ME ELMO amused everyone. My mum and dog tied as the most spoilt. My mum got loads from everyone, she was like a kid on a sugar rush opening all her presents. The dog got presents from everyone we know! My Nan got him about 20 things lol. He had a santa hat and scarf on too, he looked cutez and he loved the madness of present opening! (Diving into paper all over the floor).

Here's my Listage!:
Tickle Me Elmo TMX (he's entertained so much he ran out of batteries today)
Spongebob Clock and Shower Radio
Spongebob Mug with Marshmallows
Pyjamas, Socks, Toiletries and other such shit
Red Jeans Perfume
Peep Show Series 1-3 Boxset
Qi Series 1!
The Little Mermaid!
The League of Gentlemen Live Pantomine!
Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape
My body weight in chocolate and Chocolate Liquers lol
Bottle of Malibu
A Framed picture of my 3 children <3
A Roadmap (rofl)
A Little Britain keyring: Majorie talking head with a torch lol
£110 in total from various relatives

After the excitement I went and watched the League of Gentlmen Panto on DVD (from my brother), it was hallarious! Then it was Christmas Dinner. My Nan didn't prepare very well which annoyed my mum as she is known to go to extreme effort preparing Christmas! My Nan isn't used to it as she always goes away!
I was bloated in 2 minutes flat so it was all a bit disapointing cause the cracker pulling and stuff wasn't fun as nobody seemed that interested. My big bruv (aka my uncle Matthew) came but didn't stay because his face had swolen up (what is wrong with him? last time his hand swelled up) and he was very pissed off! He's such a baby when he's ill so everyone was glad he didn't stay lol. Although he gave me £30 which was extreamly generous of him as he doesn't usually give me that, it's usually something equivilant of £5. My mum rofl'd at me and my brothers shocked expressions. I got him a £1.99 Yorkie bar rofl, I feel slightly guilty now!

Some Distant relatives came, no idea who they were but ,as always, they knew me! It was hallarious hearing my mum saying ''Aunty Carol look at this'' don't know why it was just funny, I only call my Aunty and Uncles by their names.
I went and watched more DVDs and then fell asleep! I woke up and could barely breath! It was so hot in the room I was in. I mean seriously. I ran out for air! I looked like a tomato too and my Mum was worried lol. My nan turned off the heating thank gawd.
Then we had Christmas lefovers for Tea which was probably better than the main meal.

Today some more randoms came over, my ''Aunty'' Sue and Tony who arn't actual relatives and i'm pretty sure Sue doesn't like me lmao, I always get that feeling from her. My Nan bloody loves her though. My brother went to a football match today so it was just me and the oldies! It was horrible as they were talking about shit and people I have no idea about so in those situations i just gulp down my dinner so I was finished as everyone was just starting lol! Luckily my Nan hadn't laid enough places *rolleyes* so I had a excuse to leave the table! lol.
I'm an unsociable little shit sometimes.
We came home early and I'm just glad to be back! I think Christmas is better at home definitly and I do wish we were here but it's always funny with my Grandad as he always cracks me up and bless him for dressing up as Santa (I know for a fact he owns that Santa suit and has done for some years!). The Christmas we had there when I was 12, he woke me up with breakfast in bed and guess what it was? Sprouts on toast! rofl he's amusing

Anyway, hope everyone had a great Christmas. That's it for another year, I hate the 'just after Christmas' feeling, it's like ''Was that it?''.
I think I'm at that stage where I need a kid of my own to spoil ridiculously so I'm more excited! Plus I miss seeing loads of toys under the tree!
I've got to unpack now, arrgh. I've dumped everything and got all my presents out of my bag so my rooms just coverd in crap.

Random: I can't remember at all what last Christmas was like but with the wonder of LJ I'm going to read all about it, hee.
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Bop n' Ting [Monday, November 13th, 2006 @ 10:38pm]

[ Feeling | Weird ]
[ Hearing | D-Train! ]

I think my bank balance is bleeding. I've bought so many presents and I haven't even got half of them yet :| I just bought Vicki Jonathan Creek DVDs I hope someone else doesn't get them cause she's gonna be so happy hee.

I spent Friday with Nuge and my bootiful God Daughter, Charlie or Sonic as I have nicknamed her (because of her hair) and the family have taken it on except Mick who hates me for it and also hates me in general I think. He bought us tea and me and Nuge were being all immature as we do best when together and he was getting really pissed off. He said we're never allowed out with the child again roflz. And then we started joking about how we've orderd Sonic a load of outdoor play stuff for hundreds even though she's only 2 months. We forgot that some money's gone missing from his bank and he'd been on the phone sorting it out all day. He thought we took it for the garden stuff lol. He stormed out and said he'd meet us at the car. Well it took us about 20 minutes to get out of the lift cause it just kept going past the place we wanted to get off and Nuge almost wet herself.
Ahh it was good to see them. I'll make more of an effort now cause I know Nuge is getting really down just being in with the baby all day. It's just they live far away and it's not easy when neither of us can drive yet.
Went to Nuge's Mums in the evening and got roped into doing a sponserd silence for Alopecia. I've got loads of Sponsers now thanks to my mum, she's got 80% of the list for me lol. People are obviously trying to out do others on how much they're sponsering now, yay. I'm not looking forward to the actual day though, I'm gonna get a little white board and pen like in ''Hush'' and draw sketches to amuse myself.

Saturday I went to my Primary School Fireworks Display for whatever reason, something to do! Me and Louise had a right laugh but Lisa was all prim and proper which is annoying as she does that cause she thinks everyones looking at her. I don't know why she can't just be herself and have fun. We just mocked her cause she is so trying to be posh spice lolz. Vasalin (Vaseline) from Marketing turned up with her crazy kids and latched onto us. Her kids are 6 year old twins (boy and girl) and I have no idea what they are saying! They speak FAST and start sentences and get out of breath and don't finish them :| Just weird children. And the little boy randomly said ''I don't like Americans! Fat Americans!'' roflz so when he was running around with a sword I said ''Ugh there's a dirty American'' at Louise and he was jabbing her saying ''Dirty American'' roflz just weird!
When the display was about to start everyone was quiet but they were playing music so me and Louise decided to BOP! It was hallarious. Louise was bop and weaving all over the place and people were looking down on us cause they thought we were drunk (we did have alcoholic beverages in hand but wern't drunk). It was so funny, Louise kept shouting at Lisa ''Why arn't you bopping?!''. The display was boring and went on FOREVER. Nobody was even watching at the end.

This old dude with a walking stick started bopping with us at the end, it was so funny and random! And if we saw someone moving to the music we'd yell ''Bopperz!'' The dude bopped away and said ''Merry Christmas, Girls!'' awww but too early, dude!

We went to the pub and bopped some more. Lisa was in one of her moods because she doesn't wanna bop and that's the fun! Simon was blind drunk as usual and was like ''Who's coming into town?'' and Louise was well up for it. I nearly caved but I couldn't be botherd to go home and get changed lol. They didn't go in the end.

I'm back at work. Arthur has grown a ridiculous amount in a week. They're moving on the 15th of December now :| They're moving quite far away to the middle of nowhere and I'm not looking forward to it. The pressure is on to get my driving licence now. Speaking of, I have to drive on a Saturday this week which SUCKS.

I'm looking at the pile of presents I bought thinking what I could of bought for myself. I go to each shop and just hit up my card and don't think about how much, then I come home and order stuff online. People are being spoilt this year and they better fucking appreciate it! lolz. Christmas is at my Nans this year, not sure if i'm up for that. Hopefully I can get online cause I don't mean to be anti-social but I love going on Kassix before Dinner to see what everyone else got and stuff and in the evening...just because. I'm used to that and it'll suck if I can't!

Oh, and I MUST see BREAKING and ENTERING. My friends can all plz die if they don't wanna go because I must see my Martin! I have a thing for Jude Law too (boring and too normal for me, I know) but screw the LAW it's theee Freeeman <3 And the beard ain't even that bad on him and I hate beards on everyone except my Grandad who ownz da beard!
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Friends Only ? [Friday, July 7th, 2006 @ 9:21pm]

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Made by: kissmegoodbye

I think I've only just realised that I've never put a ''This Journal is Friends Only'' on here so um doing it now. People probably thought I never updated or something.

Yeah comment and shit to be added....those on my f-list ignore lol
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LJblows [Monday, June 5th, 2006 @ 4:41pm]
LJ has decided to do it's routine fuck up again. I got an ad account cause I want the extra userpics for free lol but the stupid ad at the side has made me text go all thin down the page so it's fucking annoying to read and I've messed around in the overrides and nothings happening. UGH. If you know what to do please help me lol I can't read my flist like this *mad*

(oh well at least I get to use my dirty!scott userpic tehehehehehehehe....even though I can't have a moodtheme pic cause they run into each other. UGH!!!)
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OmgzImSoHappyz! [Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 @ 5:16pm]
[ mood | YAYz!!! ]

£8.75 an hour!~!~~~~~!!!!!  Full-Time wage for Part-time hours, it is seriously like a dream! I love them, like seriously LOVE THEM.

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[Friday, April 21st, 2006 @ 11:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Stolen from Kay 'cause i'm bored and anything relating to my fandoms is lurrrve!
I can't do cuts, sorry :o

Post which character applies to the question. Repeat for as man fandoms you have:

Gilmore Girls:
As your best friend?: Lorelai (blatently)
As your sister/brother?: Lorlai lol
As your boyfriend/girlfriend?: Luke
To do?: Jess on the Side
As your parents?: Babette and Maury
To kill?: Dean
To stay on a desert island with?: Luke!
To have an in depth conversation with?: (Screw depth, Kay!) Lorelai lmao.

Veronica Mars
As your best friend?: Veronica!
As your sister/brother?: Wallace!
As your boyfriend/girlfriend?: Logan!
To do?: Weevil!
As your parents?: Keith and Lynn Echolls (lol)
To kill?: DUNC!
To stay on a desert island with?: Veronica Mars, she'd get us out of there
To have an in depth conversation with?: Kendall (because)

As your best friend?: Cordy!
As your sister/brother?: Angel
As your boyfriend/girlfriend?: Connor
To do?: Lindsay
As your parents?: Wes and Darla <3
To kill?: Um...
To stay on a desert island with?: Cordy
To have an in depth conversation with?: Lorne lol.

Ally Mcbeal
As your best friend?: Ally
As your sister/brother?: Nelle
As your boyfriend/girlfriend?: Larry!
To do?: Billy
As your parents?: John and Whipper!
To kill?: Richard (bygones)
To stay on a desert island with?: Ally cause she's a kook!
To have an in depth conversation with?: Ling lmao <3

As your best friend?: Kate
As your sister/brother?: Walt
As your boyfriend/girlfriend?: Sawyer
To do?: Jin lol
As your parents?: Rose and Bernard!
To kill?: JACK!
To stay on a desert island with?: Well, um, we are. I'd want Locke left cause i loves him
To have an in depth conversation with?: Eko!

As your best friend?: Anya!
As your sister/brother?: Buffy
As your boyfriend/girlfriend?: Spike
To do?: I wouldn't cheat for once
As your parents?: Joyce and Giles
To kill?: DAWN!
To stay on a desert island with?: Buffy for her slaying abilities
To have an in depth conversation with?: Willow

Prison Break
As your best friend?: Michael, he'd be useful
As your sister/brother?: Linc!
As your boyfriend/girlfriend?: LJ! lol
To do?: Fernando
As your parents?: Westmoreland and Veronica
To kill?: T-bag!
To stay on a desert island with?: Michael!
To have an in depth conversation with?: Dr. Tancredi

As your best friend?: Liz
As your sister/brother?: Kimber
As your boyfriend/girlfriend?: Christian Troy!!
To do?: Ava, she used to be a man lol
As your parents?: Julia and Sean
To kill?: Matt
To stay on a desert island with?: Christian
To have an in depth conversation with?: The Carver!

Omg how sad. I was bored, k?!

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R.I.P. Proof [Tuesday, April 11th, 2006 @ 5:31pm]
[ mood | sad ]


I'm so sad! It wasn't even two years ago when he grabbed my hand and I helped him down from the crowd at the concert. I hate guns.

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I Heart Kelly [Monday, February 27th, 2006 @ 4:09pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Kelly kindly hooked me up with a new Layout LORELAI LOVE! and I made her do it all cause I am completly LJ layout incompetent ;)
I Loves it and I loves her <3

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Mooo [Friday, February 3rd, 2006 @ 5:31pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Reason #2880 we are meant to be together:

I must admit it is completly random to let Martin Freeman of all random people to create a Motown compilation (or any compilation for that matter) but hey, they  must know their are nutters like me out there who will actually buy it just because Martin's on the front (I'm probably like 1 of 10 people lol) as I already own the tracklist. Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, The Commodores, The Supremes, It must be Love!


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